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13th Jul, 2010

Name: Cait
Age: 19
Location: Canada!
Plurk: [x]
Interests: Writing, Anime/Manga/Cartoons, Video Games, Cosplay, Mythology, Reading, Hiking, Skiing, Hockey, Hilarious gifs, and lots of other random stuff.
My Fandoms include: Axis Powers Hetalia, Blazblue, Café Kichijouji de, Code Geass, DOGS: Bullets and Carnage, Get Backers, Final Fantasy 7, Harry Potter, Jet Set Radio, Kingdom Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Pandora Hearts, Penguins of Madagascar, Persona 3, Persona 4, Pokemon, Reboot, The World Ends With You, Team Fortress 2, Transformers: Beast Wars, Yotsuba&!, Lukcy Star, Durarara!!, Azumanga Daioh, Supernatural, Glee, list goes onnnnnn
What I Plurk about: Right now there is a LOT of Persona 3 Portable stuff being posted. But I post about Fandom, everyday stuff, writing, and lots of random junk XD
Looking for LJ friends?: feel free to friend this journal if you want! Just make sure to comment HERE first


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14th Jul, 2010 04:49 (UTC)

you seem cool, we have fandoms in common, etc.

Friends, perhaps?
14th Jul, 2010 04:55 (UTC)
AHAHA Isn't it wonderful!? It's my conversation starter icon, seriously XD

14th Jul, 2010 06:16 (UTC)
Seems like a wonderful way to begin conversations. Adding you back on lj and on plurk! (mine is spiderspain)

Also this is still the same person, I just renamed.
27th Aug, 2010 01:22 (UTC)
ooo I'll add you on plurk!
23rd Apr, 2011 11:13 (UTC)
You and I are in a lot of the same fandoms and share a lot of interests.

*friends you on Plurk*My Plurk name is "Kirvee".
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