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6th Sep, 2010

I started using plurk a bit back, but I don't really have too many people on it, so I decided to do this?? hi everyone :))

Name: Ashi
Age: 19
Location: US
Plurk: I AM SUCH A HERPDERP. my plurk link didn't copy. B( doublelutz
Interests: SO MANY jsdkaldja. uhh Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, a crap-ton of video games (l4d2, call of duty, finally started P3P!), broadway musicals, Disney movies, Glee, durarara!!, angel beats!, a bunch more which can be found on my friends only post.
What I Plurk about: mostly RL, sometimes fandom stuff. just a lot of random crap rofl.
Looking for LJ friends?:Sure! just let me know. and also know that I kind of take unexpected hiatuses due to school and stuff;;


9th Sep, 2010 17:43 (UTC)
Great taste in fandoms, is it okay if I add you? =D
9th Sep, 2010 20:38 (UTC)